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Dental Implants | Is It Really Hard To Get?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

There are some rumours claiming that getting dental implants is a pretty hard procedure to go through. It has got a rather intimidating impact on the patients when they require the implants, regarding the fact that they are known to be a long and painful process. But is it really that of a disquieting procedure? And how far the dental technology has come in terms of dental implants? Keep on reading if you would like to know more about the latest improvements!

Implants are usually necessary when there's a tooth missing, especially when that tooth have fallen out because of taking a hit, or been extracted for various reasons such as cavity, getting broken, or any other health reasons. The dentists usually want to keep your original teeth in place, however incidents like these might require the dentist to extract the tooth. Extracting the tooth leaves a gap among the other sequent teeth, which might cause inconvenience especially whilst eating as the food can escape to that hole and cause discomfort to the patient. Besides this, it might aesthetically look bad if that gap is in a visible place in the mouth.

Considering all these situations, the dentist can decide to put an implant into that gap where the tooth is missing. It sounds scary to most of the people when thinking of getting an apparatus inserted into their mouth, and having the image on their minds of a long and painful process. But is it really something that you should be scared of? Well we have some good news for you; not anymore! It is a little to no pain causing and easy applying procedure with the newest technological improvements in dentistry.

The classic method for the implants would be initially examining the target area, cutting the gum and placing the implant, and then seaming it. However the latest technology product navigational implant devices allow patients to get seamless implants within 1-2 hours. This saviour invention makes both the dentist's and the patient's lives easier.

Initially, the dentist takes the 3D impression of the patient's mouth. This image would be used for the navigational device to determine exactly what area the implant needs to be placed in. Thus, it would prevent it to be necessary to highly examine the mouth and cut the gum and try to find the right spot to insert the implant in. Once the navigational implant device determines where the target area is, the implant is being placed straight to the point without cutting or stitching. For that reason, the application would be finished much quicker and the patient wouldn't have that much side effects or pain from the procedure. Wind Medical offers you the best dental clinic in Turkey with experienced dentists which provides these improved dental technology implant devices. Click here to see more dental services we can provide.

Besides all these, as your dentist would suggest the same, it is always better to keep your own natural teeth. Procedures like this might be necessary in some occasions; however taking care of your teeth would help prevent having cavities or other health issues, along with keeping your teeth healthy and strong. So take a good care of your teeth, and don't forget to make your dentist visits every now and then! :)

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