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How do I book my appointment?


You can reach us via phone, Whatsapp & email to discuss about your requests and the medical services you can receive from us. If you would like to proceed with your treatment, you will be then given another appointment with the healthcare professionals to talk further about the treatments and get all your questions answered. These meetings can be done both virtually, and over the phone.


What do the packages include?


The packages include wide range of services; from your appointments with the doctors to the medical treatments, including all your transfers and accommodation throughout your stay are all being generated by us and presented to you. We are recently arranging the medical treatments in Turkey, however many more to come.


What happens after my treatment/surgery?


After your treatment and the doctor’s examination, you will be discharged from the clinic and be able to go back to your home. Following your arrival, you will be contacted by us to follow up your post-treatment situation. Please note that before, during or after the treatments you can always contact us for any requirements. Beside these, if you’d like to contact to the doctor or benefit from our other medical services, you can reach us again and create new appointments on your request.


Why is the price so competitive?


Turkey is one of the most popular countries when it comes to the medical/cosmetic procedures. The reason for that is Turkey’s advanced medical services and qualified healthcare professionals offering medical services with affordable prices.


The reason behind it is initially the currency difference which makes Turkish Lira to be cheaper than most of the European currencies, and this leads the treatments to be provided in a comparatively low price. Another subject to it would be the fact medical services are highly accessible and affordable in Turkey in general.

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