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Hair Transplant

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Hair is one of the most eye-catching factors on someone’s appearance. It is a prominent indicator of a person’s physical image. Therefore, it is desired by both men and women to have a thick, voluminous hair.


The main element of the hair can be defined as protein, which is also hair’s main nutrition source. This protein can be signified as keratin, that is a family of fibrous proteins. Structurally the hair consists of those keratin proteins conjoined with sulphur bridges. Any changes or damages on those sulphur bridges can cause breakage which may end up with damaged hair.


Hairs fall out when they complete their life cycle. However, these fall outs do not always originate from this cycle, but also occur due to some genetic predispositions as much as physiological and psychological problems. In any way, when hair fall offs reach to a high quantity, it may cause baldness. In that case, hair transplant applications can be the solution to regain the thick, vibrant looking hair.


The easiest way to achieve that look would be to get a free hair transplant consultation from our agency in London, and visit our contracted hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Check out the services below that you can get from the select hair transplant clinic in Istanbul.

Hair Transplant Methods


The latest and most advanced hair transplant methods can be listed as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation, FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and Choi methods.


In both FUT and FUE methods, the follicular hair units are removed from the high-density hair area and transferred to the bald area. This part where you find dense and stable hair is called the donor area. This area is significant due to its role in providing the hair samples to transfer them to the recipient area in FUT and FUE methods.


It is essential to have an experienced doctor during the procedure to ensure the quality of the treatment. The patients need to take the doctor’s recommendations into consideration in order to achieve the best results.


FUT is an old hair transplant technique that is not used as much anymore. In this technique unit lines are cut out from the donor area and the grafts of these units are placed into the bald area of the scalp. Additionally, cutting these units may leave a scar line on the donor area of the scalp.


This technique allows 1400 – 1700 grafts to be transplanted (which would be equivalent to 5000 or 6000 strands). However, FUE hair transplant technique is usually preferred over FUT technique regarding the fact that FUT is an outdated technique and results in leaving a scar.

FUE Method

FUE hair transplant method is the modern and more popular hair transplant method that has been used widely. In this method, the hair strands are taken with their roots one by one from the donor area with a special tool called micromotor. Through using the micromotors, neither a bistoury nor a suture is necessary for the donor area; therefore, the procedure can be completed without any cuts or scars on the area where the hair roots are extracted.


The roots are transplanted after measuring the size of the canals in order to fit the grafts on the recipient area. This method allows 1500 – 4500 grafts, which means around 3500 – 10000 strands to be transplanted.

                                             The operation process would be as following:

1. Shaving the patient's head, giving local anaesthesia to the donor area and extracting the grafts with the micromotor device. 

2. Opening equal number of channels to the amount of grafts on the transplant area

3. Transplanting the extracted grafts into the opened channels


The patients would be given the relevant lotions, shampoo and medicines after the operation with instructions of how to use them. The patient would be asked to visit the hospital the day after the operation to remove the bandages and get a check up.

Additionally, it is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out after the operation, they would grow back after some time. On the other hand, some patients may not experience any hair fall after the surgery, which is also a normal condition. The important thing is to send the photos of your hair to us a week after the operation for the doctor to evaluate the situation of the hair.


DHI Hair Transplant (CHOI Implanter Method)


This technique is the most advanced one in hair transplantation. It is being applied by the select hospitals and hair transplant clinics regarding the fact that it requires a broad experience to apply that. You can benefit from this service with one of the best Turkish hair transplant clinics in Istanbul that we collaborate with.

In this method, a special tool called CHOI pen is used to extract the hair follicle from the scalp and place them straight to the skin on the recipient area. There would be no bleeding due to the hair being implanted directly through the CHOI pen.


Therefore, the patient would be able to wash the hair the day after the operation. This method also allows the scalp to heal easier and patient to get back to his daily life through avoiding the canal opening procedure.

                                                The Main Differences Between FUE and DHI Methods

  • More hair roots can be placed with DHI method than FUE method

  • In FUE method some bleeding can happen during the procedure, whereas there would be no bleeding in DHI method and it would provide more hair growth

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