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Orthopaedics and Traumatology

  • The term orthopaedics refers to the series of medical treatments related to musculoskeletal system. This term includes not only the skeletal system itself, but also joints, tendons, muscles and ligaments.

  • Patients mostly require an orthopaedic treatment when there's a trauma happened to the skeletal and muscular system, which is widely caused by sports injuries. Sports injuries mostly consist of anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus tears, which in some cases require to carry out a surgical operation.

  • The most common orthopaedic surgeries can be listed as knee arthroplasty, hip prosthesis, anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus, joints and cartilage and to correct the bone structure.


Some of the most common orthopaedic issues the patients seek treatment for can be listed as the diseases related to the hips and knees, which also requires profession and thorough expertise to treat. 


We work with one of the prominent hospitals in Istanbul with a dedicated and experienced orthopaedics team consists of respected professors, which will provide you rapid and high quality service.


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