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All-On-4 | All-On-6


What Are They?
How Are They Being Done?

All-On-4 is an implant treatment for the patients who have lost most -if not all- of their teeth due to a trauma to the mouth or diminishing dental health. This procedure helps replacing the teeth with permanent dentures and maintain the health of the jawbone. All-On-4 implants consists of four pieces of titanium implants placed in the upper or lower, or both jaws. These implants would make of a sturdy basis to fit a full bridge which would stay permanently, and look and function as well as the natural teeth.

The All-On-6 implants procedure is almost the same as the All-On-4 implants, except there are six implants applied instead. Your dentist will decide which procedure is suitable for your mouth.


The Stages of All-On-4 / All-On-6 

1. Consultation

The patients get a free consultation from our dentists first to determine of they are the right candidate for the All-On4 or All-On-6 procedures. All-On-4 mostly preferred on the patients who do not have enough jawbone strength/density to apply 2 more implants to make it to All-On-6. Our dentists would examine what procedure is necessary with the 3D scanning and impressions of your mouth which display the muscle, jaws, structures and the overall jawbone quality.

2. Implantation Surgery

After the consultation, the implants are placed in the appropriate places on the jaws that the dentist has determined. This operation is applied with a local anesthesia, and in some cases with the sedatives as well if the patient requires. After the operation, the temporary bridge prosthesis is installed on the implants for the patient to be able to use it in their daily life as well as the aesthetic purposes.

3. Recovery

After the implants have been placed, they are left to heal and fuse with your jawbones. This process is called osseointegration which basically refers to the structural and functional connection between the living bone and the loaded implant. This osseointegration process usually takes 3-6 months. After the completion of this period, your dentist fits the permanent dentures onto your implants which you can use as if they are your own teeth.

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